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Life sciences is one of the most important and innovative industries in the world. As a proud partner to some of the UK and Europe's leading pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device companies, we love that a single hire in this industry doesn't just change a business, it can have a huge impact on the world, for the better.


Our expertise

Pharmaceutical recruitment

Our pharma recruitment team has long been at the heart of our business, sourcing talented individuals for every stage of the journey. Having recruited for pharmaceutical clients for more than a decade, we understand the impact that our candidates are expected to make. Whenever you add a new element into the mix, subtle change is inevitable - our industry-specific recruitment processes ensures that the outcome is beneficial for everyone involved.

Biotechnology recruitment

Biotech companies only truly evolve after an influx of external talent. Every new recruit has the potential to transform them, acknowledging this is vital and our consultants can help clients to refine their corporate DNA. There are few industries that are developing faster than biotech, it's these exciting new innovations that fuel our consultants to find the right candidates to help drive change and learn along the way.

Medical Technology recruitment

Our med-tech team understands the precise demands of what it takes to bring the latest life-changing innovation to market. In an area with a uniquely exacting margin for error, getting every hire right can make that subtle difference. We are relentlessly clinical in our evaluation of each role, and our market-leading retention rates are testament to this. Well-chosen candidates lead to well-designed solutions.

Areas of Focus

Research & development

The essence of life science lies in cutting-edge research and innovative development. There are few areas where investment in the right people is more critical. This function is particularly candidate-driven so our role as ambassadors for our clients is crucial. We recruit R&D professionals across the broadest spectrum - from science to engineering.

Production & manufacturing

In an industry where every micron matters, the calibre of your manufacturing and engineering teams ensures that science translates into reality, exactly where it needs to. When market-leading candidates are separated by the finest margins, the background of our consultants allows us to drill down to identify those small differences.


Hiring the right people is a critical aspect of the life science QA process. The stringent demands of GxP and ISO13485 require quality staff who live and breathe quality assurance. Clients need a forensic approach to getting things just right, as well as the influencing skills to affect the required internal changes.


The regulatory environment remains a constant challenge for any life science company - the commercialisation of a product depends on that vital approval. When your regulatory team is ahead of the compliance curve, you are ahead of your competitors. We stay informed about the ever-changing legislation affording us the ability to talk with our candidates on their level.


Between product development and commercial production, the systems, processes, equipment and methods need to be subjected to careful validation. Validation professionals understand the regulatory requirements, translating their interpretation for their colleagues. The right people will help a life science company retain that crucial control.

Engineering and operations

Behind the design, development and manufacture of any successful medicine or technology, there needs to be stringent, well-executed processes in place. Our team has significant experience in networking with engineering professionals ranging from process and project through to service and maintenance.


The success of any drug or device is dependent on an effectively administered clinical trial. Exceptionally well-run trials with the right staff can help make the path to success a little easier to navigate. It's vital to build a clinical team who can plot the right path forward, using the data to secure the best commercial outcome for stakeholders..

The Life Sciences Team


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