How to Alleviate Commuting Stress

Harris Lord is a Recruitment Consultancy set in a large market town.  The majority of our staff are blessed with a sensible commute and avoid a lengthy journey on a crammed tube, wedged between someone rustling the sheets of the Metro and a stranger’s armpit.

With rising costs and constant train delays, the daily commute is something many of us have to endure and at the end of the day we realise we’ve got to do it all over again tomorrow.

A study conducted by the University of California states that a stressful commute has a direct negative impact on blood pressure and stress hormones in the body and with long term exposure to pollutants this increases our risk of heart problems.

There is no immediate fix for a stressful commute but for mental and physical wellbeing, here are some tips on how to improve your journey - you might even save some cash too!


A season ticket is an initial hefty outlay but in the long run, can save you considerably. Many employers offer 0% interest loans to cover the expense. The 26-30 Railcard gives you 1/3 off journeys all year round and the Two Together Railcard also has similar discounts but with no age restrictions. It’s also worth looking at negotiating travelling at off-peak times with your employer.

Car Insurance

Increasing your voluntary excess, having a telematics box fitted and buying all your insurances from one provider can save you money. Hybrid cars can halve your commuting costs as well as being environmentally friendly.


Helmet hair and hurtling down the road on two wheels isn’t appealing for everyone, but geographically cycling can transform your daily commute into a regular form of exercise and cut your commuting costs dramatically. It does become easier over time and if over exertion isn’t your thing, try using an electric bike - This will give you a greater range and the costs will be recouped fairly quickly.  Many work places also offer cycle to work schemes.

Make the most of ‘car time’.

Sitting in a traffic jam could be seen as super stressful so use this time away from the office/kids/home wisely! Audio books and podcasts can make a great use of time, you could even learn a new language via podcast whilst stuck bumper to bumper. Breathing exercises and meditation can also look after your mental wellbeing and you won’t even need to leave the car.

Work out after work

Research shows that the evening commute feels more difficult due to fatigue from the working day.  Many gyms are expanding their early evening offering of classes due to an influx of commuters wanting to miss rush hour. At Harris Lord, we even have a weekly running club straight after work!

By minimising commuting stress, you will be conserving energy that will not only make you more productive at work but also make you feel good too.

If the commute is getting you down, contact us to find out what a new career could look like and how we can help you get there.

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25th February

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